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Jeremiah Cochran, an administrator in Human Resources said preparing for devotional brought him to his knees, “even pleading for help and guidance.”

He focused on the temple and talked of the importance of attending regularly. Throughout the devotional he invited multiple people to speak and share their feelings about the temple.

Cochran ended by inviting everyone to assess the way they view the temple and to be less casual about their attendance.

“Prayerfully consider your degree of casualness and what you might do to engage more in temple service,” Cochran said.

Some of the people that spoke included his wife, and two students. BYU-Idaho Student Kaylene Hathaway shared her experience with coming to love the temple.

“I was angry with God even though I didn’t know it,” Hathaway said.

She shared her experience of going to the temple and sharing her feelings with God. Afterward, she felt comfort and gained a greater testimony of the temple.

While devotional speakers often do not invite others to speak during their address, several students found the additional perspectives enlightening.

“I thought it was really cool how he was able to bring students to give their testimonies, especially with personal experience of knowing that the temple brings peace into their lives because some people don’t have that experience and hearing that brings people to the temple,” said Kevin Smith, a freshman studying accounting. “We just went to the temple last week and we can testify that it does bring peace into our lives.”

Smith and his wife Kaelin  Smith are planning to applying the counsel given to attend the temple as often as they can.

Cochran shared many quotes from the apostles and prophets of the church to show the importance of attending the temple on a regular basis. He encouraged students to make sacrifices to make it a regular part of their daily lives.

He shared his gratitude for the covenants that have kept his family together. He invited his wife to speak and she shared her experience with attending the temple and what she feels when she does.

“Most of the time nothing out of the ordinary happens, but I do feel the power of the adversary lessen, it is never easy [to attend the temple] but it is always worth it,” Bonnie Cochran said.

This week’s devotional also featured the Thousand Man Choir, which is when they invite all the men on campus to come and participate. The men’s choir opened the meeting by singing “The Spirit of God” and were accompanied by a brass band.

To listen to the devotional given by Cochran visit the BYU-I website. Next week’s devotional will feature Robert Bird, an English Faculty Mentor.

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