As wildfire season approaches, the Idaho Department of Lands, also known as IDL, encourages Idaho citizens to sign up for wildfire alerts, available on the IDL website.

The alert system covers about 9 million acres of federal, state and private land that IDL protects. The system will send alerts as text messages or emails for fires that are 10 acres or larger and fires that threaten homes, businesses and other structures.

“We are committed to keeping people informed about fires on the land we protect by sending out accurate and timely information,” said IDL Director Dustin Miller in a press release. “Our alert system allows people to make decisions based on fact and not rumor. We encourage folks to sign up and stay informed this fire season.”

The alerts will not share evacuation notices. County sheriffs are responsible for notifying citizens in the area about evacuations.

The alerts are also shown on IDL’s website. These alerts are prepared by IDL’s professional fire information officers.