On Oct. 4, near the backside of the John Taylor Building, an aged corkscrew willow tree, infested with a variety of fungi, was cut down by Hugh Ellsworth and other Gardens workers in the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens.

Ellsworth posted a time-lapse video of the removal on YouTube:

The tree was liable to fall and was a hazard to students and surrounding buildings, such as the John Taylor Building.

The video shows mushrooms growing in and on the trunk — the tree was “decaying while alive,” Ellsworth said.

The tree was older than many of the students on campus.

“I’m sure some people are gonna be sad to see it go, but, it won’t take long for a tree to fill its spot,” Ellsworth said.

For nearly fifty years, students have maintained the plants and trees in the Ricks Gardens. Students have also constructed the benches and paths in the Ricks Gardens.