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Winning $10,000 for a job that they love

Winning $10,000 might be something that one can only dream about, yet three  current and former BYU-Idaho students accomplished that dream. They created the Doorstep app, which helps people in Rexburg get deals on dates.

The Doorstep app won first place in the technology category of the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge sponsored by Boise State University.

“We started out as a dating app; we started by knocking doors and asking people if they wanted to be set up on group dates,” said John Shin, a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies. “After doing that for a long time and matching people up on dates, we realized it was hard and we moved to giving people discounts on dates.”

For the discounts the app offers, Shin and his team have worked with over 30 suppliers in the area in order to provide a variety of deals. From rock climbing to eating out, there are multiple offers to choose from.

Shin’s team includes Garrett Barlocker, a BYU-I alumnus, recruited specifically for his programming skills, and Bruce Peck, also a BYU-I alumnus. Both of them continue to work with the company.

The three hope to fulfill Doorstep’s mission statement to remove every obstacle of great dating. The three members hope to help people in Rexburg to enjoy their dates and explore the area.

Although the app was used to win the competition, it wasn’t created for it; it was created for the people in Rexburg.

Peck has had previous experience with the Utah Entrepreneurship Challenge where he made the top 20 but ultimately lost. They also tried to enter the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge a year ago but were not allowed to compete.

The competition usually includes about 200 applicants each time. This means that only around 30 get the chance to compete. The judges at the time they had applied to enter the year before told them that they felt the app was more of a feature and not an app.

This made the team work harder on their pitch and presentations with faculty members. This time when they got accepted and won, they felt like they had earned it and moved past the rejection they had felt the previous year.

“Winning is a nice byproduct, but real success is doing everything we could,” Peck said. “We felt like we had something to prove.”

These three partners said they genuinely want to improve dating in Rexburg. They encourage students to “keep trying” and to learn from past dating experiences.

“It’s fun to see people using the app after the work that goes into Doorstep, and I am glad to work with great team members,” Barlocker said.

For more information, students can look up the app. The app can be found in the app store by searching “Doorstep.”


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