The library received poetry entries for weeks preparing for Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest. Students with a love of words and poetry came to print the winning poems on the historic Iron Acorn Press.

“I really like words and word choice is so important in poetry, how you pick every word so that it conveys a certain meaning,” said Dorathy Dotson, a senior studying English and one of the winners of the contest. “It’s just fun to play around with words and word structures like that.”

The winners of the Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest were:

— Dorathy Dotson

— Paige Hardy

— Ahnali Wisniewski

— Jace Ballard

— Oliva Winward

Sam Nielson, the librarian in charge of the activity , watched with enthusiasm as the students used the press.

“We try to have a monthly project where we have an open day like today and of course, the project today is the poetry contest,” Nielson said. “We had one for January, where we did the calendar and this one is Valentine’s day and we’re still working on March’s.”

There are three simple steps to follow when printing at the Iron Acorn Press:

— Ink the words.

— Put the paper into place and press it.

An article written for the Library of Congress by Joanna Colclough said, “The force required to get a good image was considerable.” The Iron Acorn Press is a remodel and contains springs that aid in this step.

Peeling the paper off

Peeling the paper off Photo credit: Haley Price

—Take your printed paper.