As this winter semester comes to an end, many students are ready to obtain their degrees and become graduates of BYU-Idaho.

One of those students is Lucy Johnson, a senior from Boise. Johnson is now graduating after a few years at the university, receiving her degree in psychology.

Before deciding to attend BYU-I, Johnson weighed the pros and cons, realizing that BYU-I would be the best choice for her education.

“BYU-I is a quality education at a good price and also the environment is very spiritual,” Johnson said. “And the education is grounded in Christ, in our beliefs.”

The location, the price and the environment are the main reasons why most students gravitate to getting a degree at BYU-I.

Johnson said that she enjoys the people here the most because they are kind, friendly and open.

Upon graduating, Johnson applied for graduate school and was accepted by Idaho State University. She plans to continue her scholastic journey studying occupational therapy.

With the skills and knowledge she has learned from BYU-I, Johnson plans to put those skills to use in the graduate program and her future career as an occupational therapist.

Lucy Johnson

Lucy Johnson Photo credit: Lucy Johnson

“I’m hoping to use my psychology degree to help me in occupational therapy, specifically with younger children who, you know, need help with school or with daily life,” Johnson said.

Getting a degree can be a strenuous experience and is an achievement that some do not reach. For Johnson, she chose to stay motivated because of her mindset.

“I stay motivated mostly because I know what I can do, and I know that I find a lot of pride and joy in reaching my full potential and even going past what I thought I could do,” Johnson said. “So, you know, working through those hard days is what makes or breaks an academic career.”

Another way Johnson persevered was through her discipleship in Jesus Christ.

“Christ has helped me to understand the secular world, specifically in psychology in terms of Christ,” Johnson said. “And it’s helped me kind of bring together my education and my spirituality to help me grow as a person.”

Additionally, Johnson stays motivated by giving herself a break and asking for help when she needs it.

Johnson advises those preparing to graduate to put in that hard work because it will pay off in the end.

“Plan ahead as much as you can, but also be open to new directions as you find them,” Johnson said.