The Wolverines worked hard Wednesday night to beat their opponents, the Titans. It was the third game of the Wolverines’ season and they came prepared to win.

“We played well together,” said Isaac McGonigal, Wolverines coach and a sophomore studying manufacturing engineering technology.

Braden Radford, a sophomore studying civil engineering, was the Wolverines’ stand-out player during Wednesday night’s game. Radford was impressive on offense, scoring a good majority of his team’s points. He also cleaned up well on the offensive glass and was around to put the ball in the bucket when his team needed the points.

“Some nights the shots fall and tonight was my night,” Radford said.

The Wolverines also helped Radford score with their impressive team passing.

Unfortunately for the Titans, they have yet to win a game.

“We were a little selfish tonight,” said Coach Jaden Padilla, a sophomore studying nursing – pre-licensure.

The Titans shot the ball well but struggled to score in the beginning. They will play the Vikings this coming Saturday.

Attendance at tonight’s game was high and Kyle Boshard, a freshman, was rooting hard for the Wolverines.

“The Wolverines are pretty coordinated,” said Boshard.

The Wolverines won, 95-80.

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