Posters can be found around BYU-Idaho advertising the upcoming Woodwind Chamber Recital.

This recital will be Tuesday, March 7 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. In the Eliza R. Snow Building in the Recital Hall. Featuring BYU-Idaho students performing with different types of wind instruments.

“This concert will explore chamber music for small chamber wind ensembles: saxophone ensembles, flute and harp duo, wind quintet, and a bassoon trio,” said the Department of Music, on I-Belong.

Not only is this concert free to students and the public, but is one way to support the local student performers and stay warm while enjoying music.

Performers have been working toward this recital all semester.

Kimball Wilkes, a junior studying biomedical science, has been in the saxophone ensemble for the past six semesters. He talked about the dictation his ensembles have made this semester. They all have shared excitement for the upcoming recital.

“I am excited for the performance we hope to play well,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes also mentioned that the pieces that will be played by the saxophone ensemble will be classical music and that it has been exciting practicing the pieces. This will create a great performance for both performers and the audience.

Elizabeth Crawford, a professor of bassoon, further explains what students should look forward to.

Audience members will enjoy music from more standard chamber ensembles,” Crawford said. “This is a fun evening with varied music and unique sounds.”

This recital is hopeful to bring unity by showing how each instrument is so different, but together creates a wonderful spirit of music.

Follow this link to see more about this event on I-Belong.