The Idaho Falls Chukars provided a ray of sunshine through Thursday’s clouds as they beat the Boise Hawks 16-10.

The action started at the bottom of the second inning as the Chukars scored three times. They extended their lead in the third with a run from Trevor Halsema.

The Hawks briefly took the lead at the top of the fifth, scoring five times. But Jordan Myrow didn’t let that last long, as he hit a home run, sending two of his teammates home in the process.

Tyler Wyatt brought the crowd to its feet with a grand slam in the sixth, sending Myrow, Halsema and Hunter Hudson home with him.

The Chukars scored three more times in the seventh, making it 16-5. They endured a scoreless eighth inning before the Hawks started their comeback in the ninth.

Kenny Oyama, Sean Skelly, Kole Kaler, Anthony Walters and Trevor Minder each scored for the Hawks at the top of the ninth inning, but their attempts proved futile as the Chukars came out on top.

Through 63 games, the Chukars sit in last place in the North Division. They head to Boise Friday to continue their series against the Hawks.

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