Yellowstone National Park announced Friday that the Tribal Heritage Center is seeking Native American artists and presenters for spring, summer and fall of 2023.

Applications are open until March 24, but the priority deadline is March 10. Presentations can last three to 10 days, but the preferred range is five to seven days. Each demonstrator will receive a stipend of $250 per day and free lodging in the park. Those interested can apply through a Google Forms survey.

Participants are asked to formally present twice a day and interact with the public for around six hours a day. They may be from any of Yellowstone’s 27 associated Native American tribes.

Yellowstone introduced the Tribal Heritage Center in 2022 as part of the park’s 150th-anniversary celebration. It is located at the Haynes Photo Shop next to the Old Faithful geyser.

According to the Center’s website, “The Tribal Heritage Center highlights Native American artists, scholars and presenters, providing an opportunity for Indigenous peoples to directly engage visitors through formal and informal education.”

Last year, the Center hosted 21 presenters. They did a variety of activities, including beadwork, painting, hide tanning, dancing, storytelling, drumming and more.

The Center is sponsored by Yellowstone Forever, a nonprofit organization that’s officially recognized by the park. According to the organization’s Facebook page, its mission is to “create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever.”