When you pick up a freshly printed copy of the Scroll it has already been touched by the hands of many others.

While reporters, photographers and the rest of the staff are busy throughout the week gathering information and publishing content online, production for the print edition of the Scroll starts Thursday.

With the help from the rest of the Scroll staff, the managing editors place the articles into Adobe InDesign, producing high quality content for readers to enjoy. This includes adding photos, graphics, advertisements and the text of the articles into a visually pleasing product.

“When reporters are writing articles, they’re kind of writing it and they’re getting photos, but for us it’s fun to make that story more visual and hopefully making it the way others would like to view it,” said Madison Weaver, managing editor and a senior studying communication.

Final submissions of the Scroll’s pages are then sent Monday morning to Utah Media Group in West Valley City, Utah. This company handles the printing of the Scroll on the same printing press with publications like the Desert News and Salt Lake Tribune.

According to Utah Media Group’s website, their state-of-the-art printing press makes it possible to print the 7,000 weekly copies of the Scroll in just over 6 minutes with a print rate of 70,000 copies an hour.

The 7,000 copies of the Scroll are then loaded and transported to Rexburg. A handful of students then deliver the papers to the newsstands on campus as well as around town. This is all done before most students are awake and go to class.

While the weekly print edition of the Scroll is coming to an end this semester, a freshman edition will sit on the newsstand at the start of each semester. This approximately 40-page print will contain details to help incoming students to BYU-Idaho adjust to college student life. It will exemplify the Spirit of Ricks, sharing all aspects of student life, majors and activities.