On Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will host the first-ever worldwide youth testimony meeting.

“On that day, wards and branches, stakes, are going to get together, they’re going to have a testimony meeting …” said Brother Brad R. Wilcox, the first counselor of the Young Men’s General Presidency on Instagram. “As every stake in the Church, every branch in the Church, every mission in the Church has a meeting at 7 p.m., then as the time changes around the world, we will have 24 hours of youth bearing testimony of Jesus Christ …”

General Young Women’s President for the Church, Emily Belle Freeman explained on an Instagram Reel that she will begin the meeting by bearing her testimony. Her remarks will be followed by President Steven J. Lund, the General Young Men’s president. After his address, President Russell M. Nelson, President of the Church, will bear his testimony. After, youth in their stakes, wards and individual groups will be welcome to bear their testimonies.

According to Church Newsroom, the leaders’ messages are pre-recorded. Below is an outline the Church provided for stakes and groups to follow in the meeting:

— Opening musical number and prayer by a youth.

— View the pre-recorded message. (This video will be about 20 minutes long.)

Testimonies from youth.

— Closing prayer.

— Post-event gathering as desired.

Church leaders have asked youth to form groups if their wards and branches don’t coordinate them.

Leaders encourage that youth share their experiences using the hashtag #AllThingsThroughChrist.

Leaders encourage that youth share their experiences using the hashtag #AllThingsThroughChrist. Photo credit: Church Newsroom

“It is going to be so awesome because that means all day long … youth are going to be bearing their testimony about the strength of Jesus Christ in their life all over the whole, entire world …” President Freeman said on Instagram.

The Church is sharing the hashtag #AllThingsThroughChrist to encourage the youth and support the global event.

“Youth can benefit from listening to other people’s testimonies, but when young people bear their testimonies and the Spirit bears witness of what they’re saying with their own mouths, it is powerful,” Brother Wilcox said on Instagram. “So, plan on participating. Tell the youth that you know to plan on participating. We need you. We need them.”