Author of the new historical fiction young adult adventure novel “Max in the Capital of Spies,” Steve Capone Jr will be teaching a writing workshop Saturday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at Winnie and Mo’s Bookshop in Idaho Falls.

The workshop, titled “Plotting Your Story: A Method,” is for aspiring writers of all ages.

“I’d love to see some BYU-Idaho students there,” Capone said.

Capone will teach workshop attendees about plotting.

To attend the workshop, register for free on Winnie and Mo’s Bookstore website here.

Capone will be signing books following the workshop from 2:30 – 4 p.m.

A copy of “Max in the Capital of Spies,” may be ordered from Winnie and Mo’s Bookstore website.

"Max in the Capital of Spies," book cover.

The cover of, "Max in the Capital of Spies." Photo credit: Steve Capone Jr.

The book’s summary describes time-traveling Max’s appearance on “the wrong side of the Iron Curtain” during 1965 in Communist East Germany. Shortly after his arrival, Max witnesses a girl’s abduction and makes it his personal mission to rescue her.

Some of Capone’s work was published in “We Are Dangerous,” a horror anthology.

Capone sold several short stories this year, ranging from a memoir about addiction recovery to horror, according to several posts on Capone’s Facebook account.

Capone has been teaching since 2008, according to his website, and works as a one-on-one educational coach.

“I can even offer survival tips for grad school, if that’s what’s next for you,” Capone said on his website.

On Capone’s website, one can read about his hike to the Matterhorn, book reviews and thoughts on education.

Winnie and Mo’s Bookshop is located at 343 A Street Idaho Falls, ID.