The 12 stages of finals

Fear, stress and sleep deprivation give way to madness.

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Tips on how to navigate the BYU-Idaho website

Time to navigate the BYU-Idaho homepage that will dominate your academic career.

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The most popular places to study on campus

Students at BYU-Idaho choose their place to study according to their likes and comfort.

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Christmas around the world

How BYU-Idaho students celebrate Christmas around the world.

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A Jane Austen blast to the past

Students received the chance to experience a piece of the Jane Austen era.

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BYU-I’m Single: Times have changed

The dating game has changed since our parents were dating. In college, my dad would go on a date with a different girl every weekend and that was the norm. If you did that now-a-days, you would be called a player.

How Scroll picked the front page

“You look at production differently,” said Samantha Vanderwalker, assistant photo editor and a junior studying communication. “You say ‘I’m not just going in to get this done, but how do I make this more visually pleasing?'”